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Peças clínicas - Implantes


 MEDPOR Biomaterial POREX Orbital Floor and Wall Repair


MEDPOR Channel Implants

Channel Implants are designed for repair of significant orbital floor and wall trauma where the addition of one or more rigid fixation plates provides structural support. After the MEDPOR Implant is cut to the desired shape, a rigid fixation plate is inserted in the channel*. The plate may extend out both ends of the implant if desired. The plate allows the surgeon to bend and contour the implant to the desired shape. Once the implant shape and proper position is determined, the end of the plate is fixed to the orbital rim.

The Microplate and Miniplate Channel Implants are 2.3mm thick and have multiple parallel channels. The posterior end of the microplate usually rests on the posterior border of the bony defect. The Miniplate Channel Implant accepts 1.2mm wide plates and is used when the implant is cantilevered from the orbital rim. Channel Implants are available with or without a BARRIER surface.

9529 Miniplate Channel Implant (40 mm x 52 mm x 2.3 mm)
9530 Microplate Channel Implant (40 mm x 52 mm x 2.3 mm)
9531 BARRIER™ Miniplate Channel Implant (40 mm x 52 mm x 2.3 mm)
9532 BARRIER™ Microplate Channel Implant (40 mm x 52 mm x 2.3 mm)


MEDPOR Barrier

MEDPOR BARRIER Implants are designed to prevent tissue attachment to the implant surface. The barrier is made of non-porous, high-density polyethylene and heat-bonded to the porous material without adhesives or additives. The porous side of the implant becomes vascularized in the same manner as a regular MEDPOR Implant. BARRIER Sheets are available I t two sizes, with either a trumpet-shaped or a rectangular barrier. Miniplate, Microplate and Microplate Single Channel Sheets are also available with a barrier surface.

8305 Orbital Floor Implant 38 mm x 50 mm x 1 mm
9305 Orbital Floor Implant 38 mm x 50 mm x 1.6 mm
8312 Rectangle 50 mm x 76 mm x 1 mm
9312 Rectangle 50 mm x 76 mm x 1.6 mm




The Micro Thin sheets are now available even thinner with the introduction of the 0.25mm and 0.35mm thick sheets. Along with the 0.40mm sheet, the Micro Thin Sheets were designed to provide the surgeon with greater flexibility and a smoother surface for easy insertion into the orbit. It is ideally suited for the repair of small orbital fractures.


Micro Thin

83020 38mm x 50mm x 0.25mm
83021 76mm x 50mm x 0.25mm


38mm x 50mm x 0.35mm


76mm x 50mm x 0.35mm


30mm x 50mm x 0.40mm


38mm x 50mm x 0.45mm


76mm x 50mm x 0.45mm
Ultra Thin Sheet 0.85 mm
7210 38 mm x 50 mm
7212 50 mm x 76 mm


76 mm x 127 mm


127 mm x 178 mm
1.5 mm Sheet


38 mm x 50 mm


50 mm x 76 mm


76 mm x 127 mm


127 mm x 178 mm
3 mm Sheet
The 3 mm Sheet was designed to provide a thicker sheet that would eliminate "stacking" thinner sheets for enophthalmos correction.


38 mm x 50 mm

  MEDPOR Enophthalmos Shapes

The MEDPOR Encophthalmos Wedge mimics the contour of the orbital floor and provides volume to restore the orbit to its normal shape and size.

Enophthalmos wedges are provided in both right and left orientation and in two sizes: regular, with 2ml of volume, and large, with 3 ml of volume.





Regular - Left 22 mm x 31 mm x 7 mm


Regular - Right 22 mm x 31 mm x 7 mm


Large - Left 28 mm x 40 mm x 7.5 mm


Large - Right 28 mm x 40 mm x 7.5 mm

  MEDPOR Lower Eyelid Spacers

Designed with James Patrinely, MD, FACS, and Charles N. S. Soparkar, MD, PhD.

MEDPOR® Lower Eyelid Spacer Implants, measuring 27 mm long by 16 mm wide by 0.45 mm thick, are molded to the shape of the lower eyelid and are used to provide internal support in the cases of lower eyelid retraction. The superior edge of the implant has a smaller pore structure, resulting in a smoother edge.

These preformed shapes, available in left and right designs, expedite the surgical procedure and reduce operating room costs and time by eliminating the need to harvest auricular or hard palate grafts.

The new Thin Lower Eyelid Spacer is designed thinner and more flexible than standard MEDPOR Lower Eyelid Spacers and does not have an inherent curved shape, so it may be used in the right or left eyelid.

The MEDPOR Lower Eyelid Spacer is an excellent reconstructive option for correcting lower eyelid retraction caused by Graves' disease, over-resected lower lid tissue due to blepharoplasty, eyelid paralysis and senile ectropion.

The implants are shaped like the lower eyelid and are used to provide internal support in cases of lower eyelid retraction. The superior edge of the implants has a smaller pore structure, resulting in a smoother edge.

9545 Lower Eyelid Spacer-Left 27mm 16mm 0.45mm
9546 Lower Eyelid Spacer- Right 27mm 16mm 0.45mm
81004 Thin Lower Eyelid Spacer 42mm 20mm 0.35mm


  MEDPOR Orbital Rims

Designed with Robert A. Goldberg, M.D.

MEDPOR Extended Orbital Rim Implants provide the surgeon with an excellent option for augmenting the inferior and lateral rim in primary or secondary rim repair and to reposition the lower eyelid for correction of exophthalmos. These shapes facilitate the restoration of orbital rim anatomy by amplifying the remaining soft tissue to overcome defects left by missing or scarred tissue.

The orbital rim implants may be used in conjunction with orbital decompression to increase orbital volume and reposition the lower eyelid.



 Orbital Rim Left Extended Left (47 mm x 40 mm)


 Orbital Rim Right Extended (47 mm x 40 mm)




  MEDPOR Orbital Reconstruction

Complete and Inferior 2/3 Orbit Implants are designed to replace non-load bearing, bony structures of the orbital area lost to severe trauma or cancer resection. Complete and 2/3 Orbits are typically carved with a blade, scissors or burr to fit the patient’s defect and fixed with sutures, wires or craniofacial screws and plates.



Inferior 2/3 Orbit , Left 108mm x 75mm


Inferior 2/3 Orbit , Right 108mm x 75mm


Complete Orbit, Left 93mm x 75mm


Complete Orbit, Right 93mm x 75mm


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